“The most transformative personal evolution I have ever experienced.”
– Emily Haruko

Jade Zaroff

“Every human on the planet should go on this unique and co-creative journey with the Koren brothers. The experience I had continues to have a profound impact on my life.”
— Jade Zaroff

Adrienne Murphy

“The Brothers supported and empowered me to believe in myself and reclaim the voice that had always been there! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that by allowing my voice and heart to lead the way that I would be the co-creator of an award-winning music album for children with special needs making its release debut at #3 on iTunes this past October 2019!”
— Adrienne Murphy

Alexa Fischer

“My song will be released in March, but feel free to use it as you wish!”

“The brothers and this journey have awakened a voice I hadn’t realized I buried so many years ago. The love in which they bring you through the process is profound. I’m forever changed!”
— Alexa Fischer

Chris Stanton

“Thor and Isaac are the best. What they do is transformational. My work with them catalyzed an amazingly well-produced album of new songs that are being really well-received. The whole process has been inspirational and BIG FUN!”
– Chris Stanton

Andi Galusha

“With a combination of intuition, experience and sincere interest in the journey, the Brothers Koren led me back to the freedom of authentically expressing myself. They have taught me that sharing true emotion is so much more valuable than perceived perfection. These brothers give you the guidance and permission to follow your own beautiful heart.”
— Andi Galusha

Bruce Cryer

“To say that working with the Brothers was “life-changing” is barely the tip of the iceberg of the joy, exhilaration, edginess, pride and deep fulfillment I experienced.”
— Bruce Cryer

Justin Michael Williams

“Working with the Brothers was—hands down—the seminal transformative experience of my life. Before our work together, I had a voice and a message and pain trapped inside of me that I never thought would reach the world. Now my big dream (and my gift!) doesn’t have to die inside of me. I am forever grateful.”
— Justin Michael Williams

Julia Berkeley

“I never imagined I would sing and I never dreamed I would record not one but two albums. From day one, alchemists Thorald and Isaac Koren have persisted in seeing and eliciting the beauty and potential within me. Journeying with them has changed me and my life forever. I am beyond grateful for their potent love, support and musical talent. Thank you!!!”
— Julia Berkeley


Quote Here
— Rikka


“Isaac and Thorald breathed melody and lyrics back into my heart and soul by taking me under their angel wings and mentoring me home again to my own artistry.”
— Katherine


“These boys push you just beyond your comfort zone to a place that makes you feels brave and confident. They helped me find my voice. I’d give anything to experience this journey again and again. You come out a new person musically and beyond.”
— Nikki

Nikki Reed


“The Songwriter’s Journey was a Catalyst to opening to being fully me. It enabled me to release the cocoon of abuse and put into words the sorrows of my then life and move on in freedom.  The result are healing songs and I Am Forever Grateful.”
— Caroline

Caroline Manzo