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Your Big Voice Foundation

Our Cause

Our Cause

The Your Big Voice Foundation strives to create opportunities for people of all ages and economic means to unlock their human potential through voice positive self-expression. Our emphasis is on marginalized voices- low-income youth and mothers, incarcerated individuals, oppressed minorities, and survivors of trauma. We meet our community partners where they are, providing tailor-made inclusive opportunities for musical selfdiscovery and healing from trauma.

We advocate at institutional levels for equitable funding and programming. Within schools, we strive to normalize singing and songwriting into standard curriculum as evidence-based tools for building confidence, resilience, empathy and leadership capabilities in students. We educate about music’s capacity to heal trauma and bridge divides when courageous personal truths are woven into song and shared compassionately. With the incarcerated and the un-housed, we focus on providing opportunities for self expression and using the voice to heal. Of particular interest is mental and emotional health for voices of all walks of life.

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